Our Partners

District Education Office and Local Government

The District Education Office is the local, decentralised governing body representing the Ministry of Education and Sports in Gulu. Their role is to ensure standards in schools are maintained through training and assessments, although it struggles due to underfunding. We have built an excellent relationship with the District Education Office since we started on the ground in 2008. Their vision is to see Wakadogo School become a model school for educational excellence in Gulu.

School Management Committee

The School Management Committee (SMC) is a requirement by the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda, to help ensure accountability, transparency and sustainability in school governance and management. Wakadogo's SMC is made up of the Head Teacher, Programme Manager and two teaching staff of Wakadogo, Hon Ojok Isaac Newton (Secretary for Education Gulu District), Hon Odong Simon (Secretary for Education Koro Sub-county) and Mr Omony Samuel (Chairperson PTA) represents parents on SMC.

Parent-Teacher Association

The Wakadogo Parent-Teacher Association is made up of over 150 parents and guardians who work together with the school and provide their insights, advice and support. As the school grows, we rely on them more and more and we would like thank them for their commitment and support.

Luo Talent Centre

The Luo Talent Centre is a grassroots, community-based not-for-profit organization founded by youth in northern Uganda. The organization's mission is to promote peace and development through emphasizing the role played by culture in the process. Wakadogo School and Luo Talent Centre will work together to build our school's capacity to engage in learning about meaningful cultural music and dancing.

Kings' Dubai School

We would like to thank the Kings' Dubai community and teachers for travelling all the way to our school to train our teachers and for helping us fund elements of our quality education programme such as classroom improvement, teacher workshops for creative learning and teaching and teacher salaries. Kings' Dubai School

The Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation

We would like to thank The Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation for generously funding our school meals programme since 2010.
The Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation

Community Initiatives Program & the Government of Alberta

We would like to thank the Community Initiatives Program and the Government of Alberta for generously supporting the salaries of our school staff. Community Initiatives Program
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