Sponsor a Child

About Sponsoring A Child

Being a child sponsor is quite simply unique. Over time, you'll watch your sponsored child grow and see how your support is helping to transform their life and the lives of those around them. You'll see the difference you are making, through the eyes of the child you sponsor through letters, pictures, stories, or poems that you'll receive once a year.

When you start sponsoring a child, you'll get a welcome email with a photo and a profile of the child you're sponsoring. Each year you'll also get an update on the progress your sponsored child and the school is making. This will include a recent photograph, so you can see for yourself how your sponsored child is growing and developing with your support. You can also write to your sponsored child[1]. A few lines from a sponsor, or just knowing that someone miles away cares, can really help fuel a child's imagination and ambition.

What does Sponsoring a Child entail

It costs USD $275 or GBP £250 per year to sponsor a child at Wakadogo. This will ensure that each child receives the following whilst at school:

  • Learn in a safe and child-friendly school.
  • Receive high quality, gender-sensitive education by continuously trained teachers.
  • Eat nutritional school meals at least once a day (sometimes their only meal(s)), to ensure children can learn on full stomachs.
  • Access to basic medical care for students.
  • Access to quality learning materials and supplies.
  • Music, drama and sports coaching.
  • Train and participate in school trips and regional sports or music competitions.
  • Engaged parents and guardians through the Parent Teacher Association and Class Days;
  • We will reach the hardest to reach by providing fully-funded scholarships at Wakadogo for children from the most marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds, such as child-headed households and orphans.

Why Sponsor A Child:

  • It's a unique and tangible way to make a huge difference in a child's life. The funds that you give will go towards ensuring that all children at Wakadogo can access quality education.
  • You can see the difference you are making in that child's life through annual updates on the school and a letter from the child. You can also keep in touch with and write to your sponsored child through the school.
  • This could be a meaningful gift for a friend or relative who has everything!

What's next?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this information and for considering doing something amazing in the life of a child at Wakadogo School in Uganda.

If you want to sponsor a child, please visit https://wakadogo.org/donate and set up a monthly or annual donation for USD $275 or GBP £250 per year and make a note when you do this or email us to let us know that you wish to sponsor a child and hear from us: https://wakadogo.org/donate

If you have further questions, please contact Farah at farah@wakadogo.org or Andrea andrea@wakadogo.org

[1] This will be done through Wakadogo School.

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